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Pay Forward Kindness

Donating below will provide meals to people in our community that need them the most. We often take for granted being able to sit down in a restaurant and have a hot meal. 

"PFK is a small group of community members who have been boots on the ground helping provide care to those unsheltered and in struggle since 2014 .

We have grown over the years into a larger group base and have been able to do more with the support of others . We are not funded financially with steady funds to run this group . We rely on the kind , caring hearts in this group who support us with donations of items we need and reach out for .

This group provides care to those in this community and also to our close neighbours in the inner City.

Many in struggle from the Tri community find themselves being directed to the inner city to access resources to help (example : shelter )

We as a group believe in meeting and supporting those in struggle where they are at . We run after hours crisis and try the best we can to be a support to anyone struggling needing a meal or warmth.

PFK has provided care in many different ways .

We have come together to build hope and pay forward kindness by:

-Building hundreds of blessing bags

and backpacks

-We do an annual “socktober “sock drive to be able to provide clean , dry socks all year

- We run a water bottle /freezie drive . We collect reusable bottles/pre packaged bottles of water and freezies for our summer project )

- We run “pop up hydration “ stands in the summer with the water /freezie drive . We watch the weather and pay forward care to those battling the heat including the unsheltered and seniors , some youth and children

- We set up bake and bless Café events on the street where we bring members of this group together to bake , cook and bless others as a group

-We run warmth on wheels crisis in the cold and go into the places where some may not wish to go and provide for those in dangerous situations in cold weather . We provide coffee , hot chocolate , sleeping bags , hand warmers , snacks etc.

-We run a “warmth on wheels meals” Program to provide a home cooked nutritious meal for the unsheltered . We provide that much needed protein to help fuel in that meal

-We do food rescue . We collect food from community events as well as the Loop

Prog. and turn food that was going to go to waste into meals of hope for the homeless .

We are a group that goes out with no judgment . We reach out a helping hand , a hug, a meal , a smile.

We respect privacy and provide care in the moment as needed when others reach out for help .

Together as a group we stack dominoes of hope . We share the message to “Never Look down on someone unless you are lifting them up “

Lift Someone Up

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